I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen. That’s probably in my genes, passed on from my day, a retired GP, who also loves the kitchen.

I grew up in outport Newfoundland, where the kitchen was normally the main room in the house. It’s where the family cooked, ate, gathered, socialized, told stories, prayed, …. basically anything a family did. Quite often, especially many decades ago and before, it was the only room in the house that was heated on a regular basis.

I’m a Journeyman Millwright who’s been in the trade in one way or another, in several different industries, for 38 years. If I had my time back, I would have gone to culinary school, and would be working somewhere in the food industry.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and recently took an affinity to baking, especially breads of various sorts; from traditional Irish Soda Bread, to quick and sweet breads, to naturally leavened bread, especially naturally leavened bread. I’ve become fascinated by the ancient process of making bread without commercial yeast, the way it’s been done for centuries, using only 3 ingredients; flour, water and salt. Michael Pollan said it best in his book and 4-part documentary “Cooked”, when he talks about taking those three ingredients, two which are basically inedible alone,  and creating something as delicious and beautiful as bread, it’s like alchemy.

Regularly, I’m asked for a recipe, and all too often, I just made up my own or forget where I got it. So here is where I’ll post my recipes and techniques, for my own keeping and to more easily share with family and friends.



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